Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of SvineRådgivningen I/S

This privacy policy explains how SvineRådgivningen I/S processes your personal data.


The legal unit that is responsible for the processing of your personal data is: SvineRådgivningen I/S

CVR no. 25399781

Birk Centerpark 24

7400 Herning


Tel.:     70151200


SvineRådgivningen I / S carries out tasks and business interests for Danish farmers. We use your personal data for the following purposes:

    1. Delivery of our services: We collect and use personal data in relation to the delivery of the commercial and professional consultancy that you have requested. Our consultancy services – e.g. agricultural consultancy, feed consultancy, personnel consultancy, environmental consultancy etc. – are described in more detail on our website.
    2. Marketing: Personal data is used for marketing purposes including targeting our communication with you based on your interests and focus areas as well as sending you relevant marketing and professional information in the form of, among others, newsletters.
    3. Business- and product development: Personal data is used together with our business partners for analytical, research- and statistical purposes with the intension of developing our business and consultancy services. As examples of results hereof the following can be mentioned (non-exhaustive list): Agrosoft, Cloudfarm, DB-check, charts, outline of typical feeding plans, business statements of feeding efficiency, benchmark bases within economic as well as key production performance indicators, impact analyses of new legislation, revenue forecasts etc.


We collect the following personal data about you for each of the stated purposes:

a)    Delivery of our services
      1. Ordinary personal data: Name, address, e-mail, telephone number
      2. Ordinary personal data: Personal Identification Number
      3. Ordinary personal data: Information about the company’s operation and output ratio etc.
      4. Ordinary personal data: Information about the company’s ownership and economy etc.
      5. Ordinary personal data: Identification data. We collect your passwords and similar safety information, which is used for approval and control of access.
      6. Special personal data: Information about health etc., e.g. in relation to agreements on delivery of employee management and crisis counselling.
b)     Marketing
      1. Ordinary personal data: Name, address, e-mail, telephone number
      2. Ordinary personal data: Transaction history, interests
      3. Ordinary personal data: Information about the company’s operation, output ratio and economy
c)    Business- and product development
      1. Ordinary personal data: Information about the company’s operation, output ratio and economy


When we collect data from other sources than you, this source/these sources may be (non-exhaustive):

    1. Public authorities, e.g. the Danish Customs and Tax Administration
    2. Public business records, e.g. CHR, OIS and CBR
    3. The central databases of agriculture, e.g. Slaughterhouse settlements, Data programs
    4. Suppliers and buyers who may have a direct economic or counselling-wise relation to your company (e.g. accounting and plant production)
    5. Other business partners, e.g. financial institutions, mortgage credit- or accountancy companies, which have a direct economic or counselling relation to your company
    6. Online sources that are publicly available.

The information collected about you originates from:

  1. EU/EEA


We collect and process your personal data as described above based on the following bases of processing in relation to each of the stated purposes:

a)    Delivery of our services

The basis of processing is the advisory agreement that you have made with us supplemented with our general terms and conditions and statements of consent when relevant.

b)  Marketing

Legal basis


c)    Optimisation of the user experience on our website

Cookie policy

d)    Business- and product development

Legal basis

Advisory agreement


We transmit your personal data to the following types of recipients:

    1. Public authorities, e.g. in relation to submission of mandatory animal registrations, refund- and subsidy applications, environmental applications etc.
    2. Consolidated companies, when it is necessary for their solving of a specific task for which you requested their help. The information may also be used for marketing purposes. In case of sensitive personal information, the transmission will only take place once you have consented to it.
    3. SEGES Agriculture and Food F.m.b.A. (SEGES), when we in relation to delivery of our services use on or more IT-solutions, which is developed and/or run by SEGES. SEGES uses the information for analytical-, research- and statistical purposes. In relation to that SEGES can correlate the data received from us with data received from local unions and from other companies with their own data. You can read about L&F’s privacy policy at:


We will store your personal data regarding:

    1. Information is typically stored for up to 5 years from the end of the customer relations. Information may be stored longer in cases where we are subject to liability for damages that continue after the 5-year period or in cases where legislation states that we are obliged to store the information for longer.
    2. Reg. environmental considerations, environmental permits, plans etc., these are stored for up to 20 years.

We will store your personal data according to the following criteria: 1) businesslike purpose, 2) in order for a legal claim to be enforced or defended. We aim to minimize the storage of special personal data.


You have the following rights:

  • You have the right to request insight, rectification or deletion of your personal information
  • You also have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data and to have the processing of your personal information limited
  • In particular, you have an unconditional right to oppose the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes
  • If processing your personal data is based on your consent, you are entitled to revoke your consent at any time. Your revocation will not affect the legality of the processing done before your withdrawal of your consent
  • You are entitled to receive the personal data you have provided in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format (data portability)
  • You can always file a complaint to a data protection authority, e.g., The Data Protection Agency

You can make use of your rights by writing an e-mail to

There may be conditions or restrictions to these rights. Thus, it is not certain that you e.g., have the right to data portability in the specific case – this depends on the specific circumstances associated with the processing activities

Latest update: 25th of May 2018