Productivity report (P-report)

Good management of production generates the best results

In order to maintain a high level of production, effective data management is required. Danish Pig Advisory Center makes use of, Cloudfarms® and Agrosoft PigVision®, WinSvin®, and offers the preparation of P-reports, management lists and reproduction analyzes for your crew. It gives you optimal conditions for effective control of the production.


What do you get?

Regular visit from an independent advisor, where plans for production are discussed

Comparison with “expected average” twice a year

Continuously new P-reports that meets the following requirements:

Any data errors have been clarified and corrected

Feed consumption is calculated and assessed by your adviser

Phone call as a follow-up on each P-report


The benefits for you

An overview of your production

Action based on facts (exact data)

The P-report becomes an active tool for management of your production

An accurate P-report can be the starting point for action and discussion

If required you can receive control lists, sow cards, reproduction analyzes, etc.

Individually customized solution according to your needs and wishes:

Period range agreed

Copies are sent to relevant partners

You can choose to let us partly do the work, or we can do it all


Supplementary options

Written comments on analyzes


Fixed Price agreement

Week Management

Feed monitoring for on farm feed mills


For further information:

Contact Danish Pig Advisory Center

(+45) 7015 1200