Advisory Contract

Good management of production creates the best results

An advisory agreement is an offer for you, where a team of advisors is composed with you at the center. The associated key adviser helps with problem-solving and setting goals for the business. The key advisor will then find, together with you, the team of advisors who have the desired skills. An advisory agreement will systematize the advice on your business, thus increasing your company’s potential.

What do you get?

At least one yearly meeting, where your consultation needs are covered with the key advisor

Short-term and long-term goals are set for the company, and strategies for achieving the goals are set:

Special advisers and possibly the herd veterinarian is involved

Throughout the process, the key advisor will be a consistent person, who follows you closely

An advisory form that sets specific requirements for you and your adviser:

The production’s potential and issues are made clear and visible

You are motivated by close follow-up

Ongoing evaluation of objectives, and possibly adjustments are made


The benefit for you

Constructive and objective sparring

The establishment of short and long term goals together with the close follow-up from key advisor is motivating

All the involved advisors are well-informed about your company

The advisors continuously inform each other

Overview of your production and its potential


Customized solution:

Priorities are made and uncovered with the key advisor

Period range for follow-up is agreed

Possibility of fixed price concept


For further information:

Contact Danish Pig Advisory Center

(+45) 7015 1200