Reveals the economic potential of your production

Benchmarking combines the information from your operating accounts and your production report. The results obtained are compared to other reports and help reveal where your company is an untapped potential. At the same time, benchmarking within the company can be used to economically optimize pig production.

What do you get?

A report where your production results are compared to results from similar production forms.

Your operating accounts and production reports are combined to give you new Key performance indicator’s (KPI’s).


The benefits for you:

A true picture of the yield of your production.

Insight into your production resource consumption (cost level)

An independent advisor’s proposals for priority areas in your pig production

Overview of labor consumption in your pig production, including:

Profit per consumed unit of time

A supplement to your production report


Payoff for you:

The weaknesses in your production are revealed

Procedures regarding production reports are tightened up:

Importance of errors in production reports are revealed

Priority areas and action plans for these can be prepared

Your competitive mindset is challenged


For further information:

Contact Danish Pig Advisory Center

(+45) 70151200