Strengthen your role as a leader and focus on developing your employees

Management must ensure, that you get the most out of the resources, you have on the farm, and the quality of the management is an important factor for a good result. You do not have to be a natural born leader – leadership qualities can be learned and developed. Don´t be satisfied with large turnover of employees, long onboarding periods, lack of motivation, conflicts, and poor cooperation. We focus on you, your employees and your company and find concrete and sustainable solutions, so that you reach your goals.


We offer:

Clarification of competence needs before hiring new employees

Support for job interviews

Training and onboarding plan for new employees

Structure of the working day and the organization

Collaboration and motivation individually and in the team

Conflict management and handling of difficult conversations

Holding good meetings that provide energy and value

Preparation of DiSC profiles and follow-up

Team development using DiSC profiles

Sparring and follow-up – solution-oriented conversations

Preparation and updating of employee handbook / personnel handbook

Employee Development Interviews

ERFA groups with a focus on management

Farm Council / Farm Boards

LEAN management


Yields for you:

Strengthened role as owner, manager and middle manager

Fulfilling your goals for the farm and thus better economic results

Focus on utilizing the potential of employees

Better well-being and motivation of employees


Benefits for you:

Opportunity to prioritize and streamline your time, so you invest, where it pays the most

Fewer conflicts – and the tools to resolve those that arise

Better communication with employees and partners


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