If you benchmark two herds up against each other and find the production sites, feed, size, etc. are comparable you often explain the differences in production results with Good or Bad Management. In other words, a production unit may have unutilized potential and does not get the most out of its resources. There may be many reasons behind that. We focus on your business and provide the management tools necessary. It can be leadership, recruitment, communication, motivation, innovation or something completely different.


What do you get?

Independent audit based on organizational management, analyze and act on priority areas

Personal development program for your employees

Handling of conflicts and difficult situations with employees


The benefit for you

A better workplace = a better bottom line

You get more focused on the importance of leadership


Knowing what motivates your employees will make you more efficient and gives you the opportunity to spend more time on what’s appreciated and create value.

When you get better at understanding of people and communication, you can improve your way of handling external stakeholders e.g. government auditors, financial partners and others where conflicts may occur.


Supplementary options

Management courses, improving leadership and communication skills

We make personal assessments of employees and help set up an effective team

We have several experience groups for owners and managers.

For further information:

Contact Danish Pig Advisory Center

(+45) 7015 1200