• Kjeld Askjær


    Mobile: (+45) 2479 1182

    E-mail: kja@sraad.dk

    Office: Herning

    Specialities: Strategy, start-up, advisory board and business development

  • Martin Krusborg Jakobsen

    Business Development Manager

    Mobile: (+45) 2992 5697

    E-mail: mkj@sraad.dk

    Office: Vojens

    Specialities: Leadership, mentoring, coaching, change management and advisory boards

  • Karina Mikkelsen


    Mobile: (+45) 2029 8803

    E-mail: kar@sraad.dk

    Office: Vojens

    Specialities: Production management (sow), best practice and coaching

  • Allan B. Mikkelsen


    Mobile: (+45) 2949 6853

    E-mail: abm@sraad.dk

    Office: Herning

    Specialities: Production management (sow), best practice and coaching

  • Bjarne Knudsen


    Mobile: (+45) 2033 1110

    E-mail: bjk@sraad.dk

    Office: Herning

    Specialities: Production management (grower), feed and ventilation

  • Heidi Birch Wentzlau


    Mobile: (+45) 3070 4057

    E-mail: hbw@sraad.dk

    Office: Herning

    Specialities: Environment, documentation, reviews and strategy

  • Kira Langkjer


    Mobile: (+45) 2425 8165

    E-mail: kij@sraad.dk

    Office: Herning

    Specialities: Environment, documentation and reviews

  • Jes Callesen


    Mobile: (+45) 4017 5310

    E-mail: jec@sraad.dk

    Office: Vojens

    Specialities: Production management (grower), feed and nutrition

  • Michael H. Frederiksen


    Mobile: (+45) 2288 8213

    E-mail: mhf@sraad.dk

    Office: Herning

    Specialities: Production management (sow), technical budgets, advisory boards and authorized inseminator

  • Pia Sørensen


    Mobile: (+45) 2949 6850

    E-mail: pia@sraad.dk

    Office: Herning

    Specialities: Feed and nutrition

  • Jens Korneliussen


    Mobile: (+45) 2145 1404

    E-mail: jek@sraad.dk

    Office: Herning

    Specialities: Production management (sow), feed, nutrition and production economy

  • Birgitte R. Mikkelsen


    Mobile: (+45) 3031 0473

    E-mail: brm@sraad.dk

    Office: Vojens

    Specialities: Production mangement (grower), welfare, free range, organic, technical budget, advisory board

  • Kasper Gade Panduro


    Mobile: (+45) 2926 8249

    E-mail: kpa@sraad.dk

    Office: Herning

    Specialities: Production management (sow) and nucleus management

  • Dorthe Carlson

    Project Manager Ph.D. TestPig

    Mobile: 2031 5768

    E-mail: doc@sraad.dk

    Office: Herning

    Specialities: R&D, statistics and nutrition

  • Pernille Elkjær

    Professional coordinator

    Mobile: (+45) 4026 3988

    E-mail: pe@sraad.dk

    Office: Vojens

    Specialities: Technical budget, LEAN and advisory boards

  • Niels Ove Nielsen

    Advisor, TestPig

    Mobile: (+45) 4020 7296

    E-mail: non@sraad.dk

    Office: Herning

    Specialities: R&D and nutrition

  • Karin Næsby


    Mobile: (+45) 4030 5712

    E-mail: kan@sraad.dk

    Office: Herning

    Specialities: Data registration, benchmark and budget

  • Picture on the way

    Inge Furholt


    Mobile: (+45) 2125 1720

    E-mail: ihf@sraad.dk

    Office: Kolding

    Specialities: Data registration

  • Randi Vestergaard Hansen

    MSc. Business Administration and Auditing

    Mobile: (+45) 2020 0912

    E-mail: rvh@sraad.dk

    Office: Herning

    Specialities: Accounting and auditing

  • Sofie Hyldgaard


    Mobile: (+45) 2020 0917

    E-mail: sof@sraad.dk

    Office: Herning

    Specialities: Administration, experince group coordinator, Environment, documentation and reviews