Performance effects of four different weaning diets formulated by Hamlet Protein. Read the report here: 200512_Report_Test 17_Final_vers 02


Test results on the effect of replacing the protein from a combination of fishmeal  and soy protein concentrate with AX3Digest® on performance after weaning. Read the report here:

191129_Report_final AX3Digest


Test results on the effect of the probiotic Sky Mountain on small weaned piglets for the first 2 weeks after weaning. Read the report here:

Report Sky Mountain_Chr Hansen


Test results on The effect of MatanXL (sugarbound synthetic amino acids) on piglet performance during week 3-6 after weaning

Report – the effect of Mathan XL


Test results: Effect of feeding concentrates containing different soy protein sources on productivity and health in weaned piglets

Test _ AlphaSoy


Test results: Growth performance of weaned pigs fed different levels of Starfish meal

Test-Starfish meal-AU