Experience Groups (P2P)

At Danish Pig Advisory Center it is possible to join an experience group that is adapted to one’s field of study. Based on experience and best practice the group has a basis for good discussions. Examples of different existing groups are listed below. We offer to set up new groups with specific focus areas.

Do you have a proposal for a new experience group, please contact us at (+45) 7015 1200 or info@sraad.dk


Current experience groups in Danish Pig Advisory Center:

Breeding and multiplier

Operating managers

Younger self-employed

Newly established, emerging farmer

Foreign employees



Wean To Finish

Farrow unit managers

Reproduction managers

Grower management

Leadership & Management

LEAN management


Independent production management advice

Through independent advice on production unit level, assistance is given to bridge the way to self-help. The advice is based on the daily work in the production, thereby providing suggestions for how day-to-day challenges can be solved.


But what does the farmer get out of it?

New routines are coming to mind. As a third party person the advisor may open up for more constructive and problem solving suggestions from employees.

You get help to gain theoretical knowledge in practical terms

For larger or minor changes in the crew e.g. new employees or expansions, advice is given on how changes are implemented and how to benefit from team-spirit among employees.

Sparring partner for you or your employees, e.g. help to optimize daily routines

e.g. either a new employee has arrived or there have been some problems, which could be solved with new routines.

You get help to focus on the production results that should be improved and a good talk about all the topics that are relevant. Tt may be lack of motivation among employees or it may be how you are leading and developing your staff as well as your plans for your employees in the future.


Here are some references from a few of the farmers we have visited:

“We had to change all our employees in a short period of time, and therefore I had no extra time to be constantly present. Therefore, it has been good to have external help who could give some co-workers good practices and follow the development closely. You can quickly catch the things you do wrong when advisory takes place on the production unit level. “


“This is the first time we have tried this type of advice, but it’s good to take things out there where it happens – it makes all the difference. We have also had some habits throughout the years, which needed to be changed. “


“At first, it felt like a small defeat that we needed help, but we can see now that it has been good. It gave something completely different and our staff got back on track. There was a very good dialogue with all the employees. “