The term lean refers to the fact that when the Japanese and Western Automotive industries were compared it become obvious that the Japanese used less effort, less capital investment, less space and less time. Therefore very lean!

Lean is all about maximizing value. The basic insight of lean thinking is that if you train every person to identify wasted time and effort in their own job and to optimize cooperatation in orderto improve processes by eliminating waste of time. The resulting enterprise will deliver more value at less expense while developing every employee’s confidence, competence and ability to work with others

Danish Pig Advisory Center’s certified Lean advisors have set up a toolbox of easy adaptable principles and methods, specified for pig production units. We consider each unit a “costumer” to each other, e.g. nursery unit is a costumer to the farrowing unit.


Lean is not a fixed system, you can implement immediately. It is an ongoing process, a way of thinking. The objective is to create a culture throughout the organization, where both leaders and employees are constantly curious in finding more clever and valuable methods, striving for perfection!

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